After consultation with implementers across the globe and with a recommendation from the CDA methodology group, Structured Document Work Group, CMG voted on 11 May 2023 to NOT reaffirm HL7 base standard CDA R2.1 as an ANSI standard. The current plan will be to submit an HL7 Withdrawal ballot by September 2024. After withdrawal, the specification will remain on the HL7 product grid with a status of Retired.

CMG expressed sincere appreciation for the hard work that went into creating CDA R2.1. This will continue to be a valuable reference to guide decisions about further sdtc extension design that may be made to CDA R2.0 in order to expand alignment with FHIR.

CDA R2.0, an ISO recognized HL7 standard (ISO/HL7 27932:2009), will continue to be the base standard for Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) and other CDA implementation guides. Work is continuing on future versions of C-CDA (see